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Opkomende Geleenthede
Upcomming Events


Vegkuns Winter Kamp.

July 12, 2019 - July 14, 2019
Die kamp tema: Viering van manlikheid in ‘n natuurlike omgewing.
Om kameraderie te bou op ‘n goeie, prettige en gesonde wyse, per geleentheid tydens die kamp.

-Skepping van manlike energie, tyd en ruimte.
-Klere opsioneel, kaal-wees is verpligtend tydens bodypaint en sweatlodge.
-Sweatlodge (Veld sauna)
-Liggaam-werk (massering)
Al die inligting en datums is beskikbaar op ons groep.
Op die oomblik is die plekke waar ons geleenthede aanbied hoofsaaklik in Gauteng, Noord Natal, Noordwes en Oos-Vrystaat, Port-Elizabeth. Ons verwelkom wel ouens van ander provinsies. 
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22 to 24 May 2019

The question is: Can we live more authentically? Will the world inside us be better and what about the world out there?
The Authentic-self: losing the mask Retreat offers an opportunity to a powerful transformation process, in a safe, trusting, authentic and supportive group of men searching for the same.
Potential outcomes for this weekend
Connection with the True self and men (women) around you
Desire – Exploring what is holding you back
Conscious communication skills for fulfilling relationships.
From head space into your body and be in the moment.
With bodywork, breathing and meditation techniques we connect with ourselves
Giving yourself consent to be in a space where you are fully embracing and to respect your own boundaries and others.
Be involved and authentic in your whole live
Event format:
Be prepared to do solo work sustained by the group, but with duos and trios and group work throughout.

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Summer Camp 2019

20-23 September 2019
24-27 September 2019

Be the light and be the shadow
UOMO quest means In search of the man

We as men have defined the way we live by a set of standards and rules that are no longer connected to the reality that we are living.
Tantra is the fastest way to be enlightened
The concepts, theories, and models of man, manhood, masculinity, and manliness, are structured in ideologies that no longer belong to the needs of men.
We propose that these retreats can deliver a transformational process to know your mature masculine and feminine self. Also, how to understand and how to work with the shadow and light archetypes that we all have as men.
We set our lives in a structure that is boxed in by society, culture, and family. We forget that in ancient times we had to live a rite of passage to become part of a community or family, just to be accepted. These rites moulded and formed us. Now, as modern men, we no longer explore how to grow from within, and no longer need to prove 

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